Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2014

Neal Oh
P.Z.H. (Pixel Zombie Horde)
Neal Oh
P.Z.H. (Pixel Zombie Horde)

P.Z.H. is an old school, indie arcade shooter game. The design of the game is part of a design trend that seeks to bring back the traditional style of gaming, where the pixilated aesthetic, and two-dimensional game actions are appreciated and purposefully used. P.Z.H. is a pixilated style side scrolling game that is both a horror and action game. The graphics are designed to be simple, the characters are bright and they exist in a dark environment. The setting of this game takes place in a futuristic lab where chaos ensues, as the employees of the lab have become zombies as a result of an evil scientist’s experiment. The zombies begin to swarm the main player who is struggling to stay alive. The goal of P.Z.H. is to have the main player survive wave after wave of the zombies that he encounters on each floor. Each time the player advances three or four floors, he then enters the “checkpoint floor” where he is able to move around the area freely, and interact with objects. If the player wants to leave the checkpoint area or go to the next floor, the player must move the controls to enter the “exit” door. On the final level the player enters the lab where he meets and takes down the evil scientist.





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