Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2014

Jae Young Kim
Tea + Dessert
Jae Young Kim
Tea + Dessert

Today’s generation is very much interested in emotional, physical, and psychological well-being. They care more about what they eat than how much they eat. Quality over quantity has become a central theme of well-being. Korean traditional tea and desserts have been known to satisfy all of the above and their popularity is increasing ever so rapidly in Asia. Unfortunately, today’s generation is not so familiar with these products that were carefully devised by precedents. Korea’s traditional tea and desserts not only contain natural and healthy ingredients but also display cultural identity and traditions. In order to share these values, these products will target young customers and foreigners, introducing them to a new level of Asian well-being. The tea, called “Han bang tea,” is familiar to the majority of elderly people in Korea; however, not many young people and foreigners are aware of it. A number of different types of Han bang teas are available to accommodate different tastes. Some teas are known to be beneficial to health and others are used soothe the mind. “Han gwa” is traditional Korean confectionery that goes very well with “Han bang tea.” A variety of Han gwa implies Korea’s tradition of embracing diversity and creativity. These products will be properly packaged to appeal to today’s generation and foreigners— becoming a brand that reinterprets the Korean traditional tea and desserts in order to share their unique values with people of all ages with diverse backgrounds.

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