Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2014

Key Peum Chung
Key Peum Chung

Disclosure is an archive of my school emails from 2011 to 2014. I tried to apply the theme of ‘archive’ and ‘delete’ into graphic design by creating a coding system and applying this into my emails. I deleted some actual content of which might appeal mysterious to readers. — alphabets to numbers (red color) — numbers to alphabets (blue color) Since I got the first inspiration from the Gmail application, I decided to take some design elements (structure and color) from it and apply them into my book. (For example, the cover ‘disclosure’ in the red box is inspired by Gmail’s ‘compose’ button. The first page is inspired by what you see when you click ‘compose’). I chose to delete some sensitive information such as people’s names, email addresses, and pronouns(I, my, me, mine, she, her, he, his) and replace it with the code. However readers can figure out what those deleted words are if they spend some time with my coding system. On the emails, I covered some parts with red box and highlighted them on the left side what’s been hidden under the red box. This book is not just an archive of my emails. It also tells the story of my life at Parsons.




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