Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2018

Jane Lee
Jane Lee

Alzheimer’s is a disease where one loses their memories, from most recent to oldest. As patients worsen over time, they require extensive emotional and physical support from their families. However, the families themselves also need emotional support. The memory loss process creates deterrents for the family members to engage in activities as they will all eventually disappear from the patients’ memories. The memory loss process creates a fear of interaction and engagement which Alzheimer’s patients need the most. As a person who has experienced the effects of Alzheimer’s disease in my family, I think the most affected family members in this situation are young people, as they don’t have the experience to deal with the emotions. I could not overlook the fear that my grandfather would forget everything we shared together, and this made me overlook the fact that these would be the last times and memories of my grandfather. As a designer, how can I encourage younger generations to freely and easily share more meaningful memories with family members affected by Alzheimer’s and create a new way of communicating with the patients? Timecloud is an app that younger generations to share and store memories with Alzheimer’s patients. Timecloud will be a new communication tool for the Alzheimer’s patient and the families by encouraging family members to look back on the story of their times together and encouraging them to continue to expand that story while they still can.

Kevin Lee
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