Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2018

Costanza Reiser
Costanza Reiser

The Peruvian textile industry is world-renowned for its fine quality and natural elegance. Combining the curiosity for the culture of my ancestors and my interest in fashion, I discovered ancient and modern meanings found in the makings of a material that defines the nation: the alpaca fiber. Huacaya is a glimpse into the origins, process and ecological impact of alpaca products. It is an appreciation of the alpaca as an animal, and of the specialized labor that goes into producing these quality garments. The earthy tones and colorful photographs depict the life and customs of the indigenous people in the Andean Highlands.

With this thesis I aim to recognize the significance of the alpaca textile and the steps involved in the entire process, from the animal to the final product. Exploring the origins behind alpaca products allows for a greater understanding and respect for the craftsmanship and culture of Peruvian people. Huacaya is a culmination of my own interest in Peruvian land and peoples and their link to modern fashion. We must understand this unique culture in order to preserve it. The book is a documentary-style curated diary that follows me through my days in Peru. Striving for a simplistic style, the pictures and white space aim to achieve a documentary feel. Each picture has a caption of place, time and date above or below it, written in a typewriter font typeface. The full-spread green pages separate each day, and each include personal notes in handwriting
style font.

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