Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2018

Thomas Nghia Nguyen
Thomas Nghia Nguyen

In the fifteenth-century, the prosperous Medici family broke down traditional barriers separating disciplines and cultures to trigger the Renaissance. According to Frans Johansson, this “Medici Effect” suggests that while each creative specialty has its own approach and objective, we can generate innovation and new ways of working by combining various practices together.

Eclectic is a platform that will host a series of workshops to explore the overlap between different creative disciplines. Events are held monthly and will cover a range of cross-disciplinary topics. These gatherings can take many forms, ranging from lectures and performances to tangible works of art. These experimentations aim to develop interpersonal relationships and cultivate community through fruitful collaboration.

Eclectic is not about a product or a specific outcome, but the process. The platform seeks to reveal unexpected yet correlative patterns that processes generate. We aim for transparency, showcasing all of our findings along the way. In order to generate interesting methodologies, we must cultivate new perspectives by meeting people from outside our comfort zones.

All workshops are open and accessible to those who are curious.

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