Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2018

Anastasia Kharchenko
Magic If
Anastasia Kharchenko
Magic If

Acting is closely connected to graphic design. The way that actors create their characters, experience imaginary circumstances, and reflect the truths of the real world are all relevant to our practice.

“Magic if” is an aspect of teaching acting, created by Konstantin Stanislavski, a theater practitioner. It describes an ability to imagine oneself in a set of fictional circumstances and drives the actor to make action choices. The project, Magic If, is an experimental collection of a fold-out poster and three books based on the interaction between design and acting. Magic If proposes a different way of going through a design process, taking into consideration similarities and differences of the two fields.

Through a connection with a thought, an actor grasps a larger concept, becomes aware of the physical objects and surroundings, and responds with a visual presentation, an experience. Following this idea, the books include exercises that help a designer to make connections between ideas and their meanings. The project allows designers to connect with their process on a deeper level through understanding first each stage, then the concept as a whole. The books feature writings and exercises from theater and design thinkers such as Stanislavski and Michael Rock, alongside visual and conceptual symbols that represent ideas. Magic If is a playfully serious resource. It persistently poses a question about how and what choices we make affect how we act and create thoughtfully under imaginary circumstances.





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