Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2018

Kyungmin Ko
Kyungmin Ko

Style is a constant dilemma that faces people on a daily basis. People frequently ask others about their outfit, what to buy, and what to wear. The role of stylists in fashion industry become more substantial since styling can empower the representation of brands and aesthetic. Hiring a personal stylist could solve these issues, but it is expensive to hire a personal stylist and time-consuming to meet. There are not many platforms where a stylist and client can interact directly and instantly, and existing styling apps are solely focused on selling items to clients. Lumiè is an app that aims to offer an alternative for both clients and stylist. It simplifies the styling process by paying attention to client’s mood driven from photos they choose. Clients can post photos that resonate with their current mood and random colors are extracted from those photos and the app will lead them to style archives matching with those color palette of photos. Stylists are encouraged to update their styling archives with which they promote themselves to clients. Lumiè replaces existing methods from other styling apps in more amusing ways.

Yoonji Kim
Sidney Law
1945: The Progenitor