Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2018

Yoonji Kim
Yoonji Kim

A third of adults in their 60s experience a “later life” crisis where they feel lost and question how to fill their remaining days. They might have spent years dreaming about the things they would do with their spare time after retirement, but it is often hard to actualize these dreams due to a fear, a lack of knowledge and access, and most significantly, a lack of motivation.

Bloom is a mobile app for the 60+ that helps motivate the start of a new stage of life. It’s driven by a reward system—a metaphor of growing a garden as they use the app. Bloom is easy to use, with large and simple visuals that improve legibility, and minimal navigation to each page. It provides them with easy access to information about events, activities, hobbies, classes, and even jobs that match their interests and promote social interaction. They are encouraged to get involved by using the skills they already have to turn them into something bigger. A “bucket list” feature allows users to open themselves up to something new by creating goals—learning a new language or traveling somewhere they’ve never been—and take small steps to achieve them.

Bloom will inspire people in their retirement to pursue their special joys, passions and dreams. It will motivate them to turn the “later life” crisis into a chance for a happier life. It will offer a sense of direction, new purpose, and new meaning to their life.

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