Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2018

Leonardo Cilmi
Leonardo Cilmi

Over the years the format on which we have read text has changed dramatically. First we read cuneiform engraved on stone tablets, then we read on parchment paper, then books, and now our screens. Throughout all of these changes, the process of reading text has remained more or less the same. Now that text finds itself displayed on a more dynamic format, why haven’t we worked to improve it?

Reading+ is a user participatory digital exhibition meant to spark a conversation about how text can communicate more effectively, and to encourage us to rethink how we display information on screen. Using a combination of speed reading and visualization techniques, each demo looks to improve user comprehension, retention, specificity, or speed for a higher quality reading experience. The work is a series of UX exercises merging best practices with prospective design and focusing on how these reading improvements could lend themselves to current and future applications.

Channon Chung
The Halo Effect
Emma T. Conway