Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2018

Somin Kim
Oh Good X2
Somin Kim
Oh Good X2

Many people have such a hard time sharing. The goal of OH,GOOD!X2 is to implement sharing easily through the design of the brand.

OH,GOOD!X2 is a fashion brand for 3–8-year-olds inspired by toy blocks. All illustrations can be made into products that can be donated to children in need. To show the brand, I created a children’s book, a series of posters, and a brochure with the “Share Your Love” slogan, which has cute and friendly illustrations inside to teach children how to share and remind adults about the meaning of sharing. I also designed a website to showcase fashion items, the children’s book, and posters in more detail.

The idea of my typeface is to teach children the alphabet and shapes. Therefore, having a minimal and geometric modern typeface met my goal with the use of line on shapes for clear visual appearance. Through surveying the children’s toys and books to decide on the color of this brand, I found the five most commonly used colors: yellow, blue, red, green, and pink in order to give a friendly approach to children.

I started this project with drawing illustrations. I was able to find my own unique style by remembering toy blocks that I used to play in my childhood. Therefore, the big features of my illustrations are geometric shapes and thin lines. Through combing these features I was able to bring them into my brand identity. My illustrations will be used in fashion items for the brand designs that inform and inspire kids. For the T-shirt package, I chose the cylindrical can for the aesthetic and recyclable purpose, which a customer can reuse for a coin bank.






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