Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2018

Grace Hong
Grace Hong

Social media is a large part of how we interact with people today and it has become a large part of our identities. Each post we post represents who we are or who we want to seem to be. Although social media can be a great tool to share ourselves and connect with other people, this is not how we see it being used today. Most popular social media apps are about collecting likes on selfies, or posting the food you ate, or showing off our outfit-of-the-day. The focus seems to be on ourselves—what we did, what we look like, what we have—and I think this has made social media veer from its original purpose as a platform for connecting people with similar interests in an online environment. Like-Like is an app that puts an emphasis on “liking” rather than “posting.” The app combines the user’s different social media apps and compiles all the posts into a single feed, allowing there to be a diverse and endless amount of social media content to look at and like. Using the data analytics of apps such as Instagram and Facebook, the main feed compiles items from categories deemed interesting by the user’s search history, follower history, and like history. Liking each post on the user’s feed brings him or her closer to others who have liked the same posts and users will be able to discover people who are similar in interest to each other.

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