Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2018

Amena Tyebji
Amena Tyebji

Recent graduates and young professionals have a tough time furnishing their apartment due to a lack of time or money hiring an interior designer. Apt is an augmented reality app that allows users to place furniture in one’s space at their fingertips. This thesis aims to help make the experience of furnishing an apartment easier and more efficient, while offering a high degree of confidence in the decision-making process. Apt is primarily short for “apartment,” and literally means fitting, reflecting on how suitable it is for one to design their space seamlessly.

This platform virtually offers a variety of furniture from popular retail stores, placed in one’s space to scale through augmented reality. The application’s design emphasizes usability and affordability. The user can enter a budget, choose a space provided to design, select their required furniture and choose a design style. This helps the platform develop an algorithm that matches the user’s aesthetic to the app’s inventory, allowing for customized items to be displayed while browsing. One can change the color of the furniture, view product details and save and share their designed spaces. The most significant feature is the “light bulb” icon which provides the history of the furniture and decorating tips. All items are available for purchase and delivery.

With this application, users will experience the best of both worlds: the convenience of shopping online and the ability to visualize products right through their phone. I present to you Apt, another step into the future of augmented reality.

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