Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2018

Gabriel Mester
Abstractify Manifesto
Gabriel Mester
Abstractify Manifesto

Abstractify is a manifesto for a visual activist movement. This movement provides people with a toolkit to challenge pernicious visual content in public space.

Abstractify encourages people to block out undesirable content through traditional vandalism methods, explained in the manifesto, and to identify their gesture through the use of the core visual component of the movement: The Abstractify languageā€”a reconfiguration of the Latin alphabet into a symbology redolent of corporate logos, spiritual signs and primitive script. By being both esoteric and reminiscent of textual content, Abstractify interventions trigger an uncanny visual experience: The invasion of the promotional by the mysterious.

The Abstractify language is based on a new typeface designed by manipulating Folio, a classic Grotesque typeface associated with the International typographic style, which claims universality and modernity, mostly in institutional and corporate contexts.

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