Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2018

Herin Park
Herin Park

As the internet developed, information has been easily accessible in a fast-paced environment. This development has made an impact on recent language systems. During this time, Korean millennials have created their own terms called Shin-jo-uh in Korean and Neologism in English. Neologisms are entirely new words or previously existing terms that give meanings and expressions to concepts. These terms reflect the culture of present day Korean millennials.

Slangoke is an educational video that helps viewers to understand and learn new terms created in present day. It is divided into two parts which are video and book. The video combines the concept of Slang and karaoke, while emphasizing lip shape and pronunciation. Slangoke gears to make language learning engaging and appealing. The corresponding book including various slang terms by category: Slang for infant care, K-pop, economy, real estate, work life, and marriage. It reveals the term’s definition in more detail, while revealing about Korea’s culture.

There is a close relationship between language and its culture. Slangoke is expected to gather interest from people who are willing to learn a certain language. As language continues to reflect society, the idea of neologism continues to bring about new words. We will continue to face an era where language is overwritten as new patterns and trends emerge.

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