Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2018

Victor Chen
Victor Chen

The gradual adaptation towards viewing technologies as part of us has allowed us to grow and move freely over digital space. The only way one may navigate through the digital maze is by hand. The hand as we know it no longer serves the function as a tool, but as a gateway to the new world, a key to information. The physical interaction and expression the device creates is minimal yet crucial.

We learn how to use a new device, then grow and adapt to the mechanism of that specific device. The way to interact is seemingly a language of itself. A physical ritual is formed along with new set of emotions dedicated to what’s in our hand, all driven by content: what the device displays, or when it simply disappoints us. When information simply is not within reach, one can only hope for the best. A lit up interface on a rectangular slab opens a world within itself, but when the screen no longer lights up when we need it, then what are we going to do?

The gateway to information often is presented through an interface, usually a screen. Film as a medium allows us to explore what can happen within the confines of four corners. Experimenting with framing and composition taps into the world of how information is presented and consumed, since much of its effect can live beyond the physical restriction of the interface.






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