Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2018

Natalia Flores
I’ve Got This Strange Feeling
Natalia Flores
I’ve Got This Strange Feeling

Sometimes I am unclear about my own reality, but for some reason this has never been a source of distress. On the contrary, I find hope and excitement in the discrepancies of the everyday. I am obsessed with the inexplicable and the uncanny. Conspiracy theories and UFO news are my favorite bedtime stories. In my head, in order to sustain my doubts of reality even longer, I am always connecting the dots where none are meant to exist. And this book is an extension of that process, taking as a starting point the “simulation hypothesis.” Honestly, the idea that we might be living in a computer simulation controlled by a post-human civilization clarifies many things to me. All the inexplicable that many of us have encountered, and is documented here, is (of course) just a glitch in the simulation’s processing system. However, this book is not only about answering some of our questions. I have recently realized that I romanticize my distrust of reality and uncanny experiences because they show me a new approach to the everyday; and I hope this book triggers the same in you.

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