Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2018

Erin Johnston
Mood Food
Erin Johnston
Mood Food

Food logging is often recommended in order to help identify problems in a diet so that people can make necessary changes. After going through this process myself, I found a gap in the system. While it works in identifying problems, it does not provide a convenient way to come up with meals that follow your new diet. Furthermore, the current food diary apps available focus more on weight and fitness then on how the food is actually making you feel.

Mood Food is a design for an app that helps people understand how the food they consume makes them feel. Because everyone’s body works differently, it helps plan a diet customized to each user. It also allows the user to share their profile with others so that they can plan meals together.

The app encourages users to record what they eat and how it makes them feel throughout the day. Based on the results, the app creates a personalized profile that suggests which foods the user should eat, limit, or avoid. The more the user logs, the more accurate the results are.

Instead of just telling you what not to eat, Mood Food assists with meal planning. It uses your food profile to produce recipes that will make you feel good. In addition, it allows users to share profiles so that someone cooking can find meals that fit a whole group’s dietary needs. This is ideal for family planning and dinner parties.

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