Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2018

Mintra Morrison
Instructions and Rituals
Mintra Morrison
Instructions and Rituals

Instructions and Rituals explores a variety of techniques that aim to break the reader from acceptance of a monotonous and banal everyday routine. The thesis includes theoretical texts, instructions and psychological studies of modern rituals. Modernity has succeeded in transforming daily life by constant and rapid change, but it fails to create meaning. Rituals differ from routine in that they’re performed with awareness and intentionality, infused with meaning.

This book is interspersed with instructions by famous artists that anyone can follow and perform. Augmented reality pages add another level of interactivity to the book; here the text is enlivened by graphic illustrations and animations relating to the various instructions and rituals. These kinetic pages create visual disruptions to the monochromatic black and blue design of the book, emphasizing the rituals and instructions, while making the experience of reading a ritualistic and transformative experience in itself. The circle motif throughout the book is derived from the traditions of a ritual circle.

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