Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2018

Adrianna Hinsey
In Our Youth
Adrianna Hinsey
In Our Youth

In Our Youth is a fashion subscription box made for teen girls by teen girls at an affordable rate. This box is branded by stickers focused on youthful motifs along with contents to make any young girl smile. They get a personal message from their stylist regarding their chosen outfits; also a card to share with a friend and stickers for the girls. This service is for the girls who don’t have a mother or sister to give them needed fashion/style advice, the girl who can’t afford the “popular” clothing, and girls in need of a confidence booster from wearing clothes and not seeing clothes worn. This box helps girls combat these issues in the form of a monthly package at their doors. A great feature in this is the “be a stylist” tab on the website—this brings you to a test where young girls pick their favorite outfits based off just images. No pricing, no brands, and no faces of models. Keeping the focus on the style of their outfits. All the items on the test live on clearance racks of the top stores shopped at by these girls. Each box will cost around $30 a month. My mission is to let girls know it’s possible to live without the perfect body and insane amounts of money but to be okay with who you are as a person. This service will have a positive and permanent impact on the lives of these girls as they become strong independent women. This project will empower girls to dress freely, forget the price tag, and to love themselves.

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