Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2018

Kaylin Brown
Energy Play
Kaylin Brown
Energy Play

In a society consumed by online social platforms that give us tools to better define, display, and condense our identities, one can easily spend more energy creating an online persona than being present within the physical body. With so many pressures and distractions, it’s hard to prioritize the time to be completely alone and mindfully immersed in
the moment.

Energy Play is an immersive virtual reality experience that explores the correlation between light, color, isolation, interaction, and its effects on human energy. It aims to transcend the viewer out of their body consciousness and into a digital realm, creating an escapist fantasy from the monotony of everyday life and divisive visual stimuli. When an individual gets transported into the first person world of Energy Play, they enter a black void, and with one autonomous movement, become completely encapsulated by one of several particle effects that comprise the experience. The particle effects react and change completely with the users movement, and range from various compositions of geometric and illuminated shapes, to colored and glowing smoke that circulate in constant flux around, above, and below the viewer.

The effects of Energy Play are ultimately to be determined by the viewer, with the intention to create a safe space where one can be fully present outside of social pressures and stimuli and experiment singularly with encounters of color, light, and the feelings they incite. Energy play is best experienced through the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

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