Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2018

Victoria Boyd
Homo Deus
Victoria Boyd
Homo Deus

Homo Deus is a collection of videos based on the idea that the human species has not yet fully developed. The name, derived from the latin words for “man” and “god,” is inspired by the theory that a new kind of human will be able to live forever and become the first species to force evolution by use of technology.

When thinking about the future, humans have only focused on the positive implications that increased uses of technology will have on their bodies. By combining motion graphics, sound effects, and humor, the videos explore speculative scenarios on how the body will be affected. The three main topics examined are transhumanism, the evolution of posture; and the evolution of the senses. All the videos can be found as a collection in a website that was especially designed and coded for the brand Homo Deus.

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