Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2018

Rebecca Speiser
Rebecca Speiser

Balance is not something to aim for, or something that should be defined by a set of standardized rules. Rather, we must engage in the art of process—making adjustments, decisions, responding to opportunities and challenges over time, as a more attainable framework.

We each come from vastly unique backgrounds, so how we determine our routines and practice should be individual and responsive to our personal needs. What if there was an experience that allows visitors to achieve this? What if they could test their comfort zones, explore unexpected territories, and gain the tools to experience life to the fullest?

DYNMC is imagined as a three-day innovative, interactive event series that features workshops, lectures and performances with the goal of deconstructing universal expectations of a balance. Proposed as a two-part experience design and branding project to illustrate how design can influence the way individuals perceive the world and construct their own understanding.

Social psychologist and author of Off Balance On Purpose, Dan Thurmon proposed, “By limiting yourself to what is comfortable, you deny yourself to what is possible.” Building on this, DYNMC includes an Unschedule System where users are encouraged to participate in an abstract registration process, designed to generate and allocate customized timetables.

The visual design reflects the brand principles of transition and integration with a nod to early European Modernism. The contrast of playful geometric and biomorphic shapes, bold primary colors and reduced typographic treatment, suggests an idiosyncratic graphic language where design acts as the gateway into progressive thought and collective movement.

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