Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017

Stephen Salomon
Urban Investigation/Generators
Stephen Salomon
Urban Investigation/Generators

The Urban Investigation/Generator project was conceived by the idea and the consensus that there is a huge disparity between those who speak slang, use it, understand the language, and those who do not.

The Slangs & Definitions website allow any user to navigate through a dictionary of several hundreds of slang words used across the United States of America and find their definition. This vocabulary is what makes up the Verse Generator and Chorus Generator and supplies the textual material that amounts to over 3000 combinations of lines that rhyme every time a user refreshes the page. The research (Slangs & Definitions) and application (Verse Generator/Chorus Generator) are what help create a holistic approach towards the understanding and learning of the urban dialect. The Verse and Chorus Generators were used to record several music tracks and can be used to supply lyrics for many more. The Album Cover Generator creates over 700 combinations of album art every time the page is refreshed.

Living in a time where cultures are melding and becoming less enigmatic, transparency is readily available and almost integral to the growth and knowledge of our world.

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