Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017

David Dahao Ni
Collateral Damage
David Dahao Ni
Collateral Damage

Starting from 2011, the democratic uprising known as the Arab Spring swept across the Arab world and added more tension to an unpredictable situation. Following the conflicts, numerous war refugees started fleeing their homeland and seeking safe ground to settle in western countries. While people were still arguing whether or not to receive these refugees, the dead body of a 6-year old boy washed onto the shore of Turkey and knocked down the final barrier expelling them from the EU countries, yet the initial safety threat that came along with the refugees eventually turned it into the most drastic global issue nowadays.

Despite the two radical sides of opinions on the war refugee crisis from the lefties and righties, I intend to look for a more in-depth and rational perception towards the issue, and study the refugee crisis as the collateral damage of proxy warfare—one of the most important factors influencing global stability under the big picture of globalization. The final deliverable of my design will be an anti-proxy war campaign, consisting of multiple sets of designs for various kinds of public media, including posters, infographics, and animations. Through my design, I aim to minimize the biased emotions of the public, and raise awareness of how super-powers manipulated local conflicts in favor for themselves; how the refugee crisis at this moment is the consequence that should be born by the ones causing it in a neutral perspective.

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