Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017

Vanna Chan
Vanna Chan

The world is constantly evolving—almost too fast for us to fully grasp the changes happening in other countries. With 196 countries in the world, traveling allows us to gain exposure to different cultures and lifestyles. While trips themselves are relaxing and enriching, the stress of planning can inhibit many from traveling abroad. In an age wherae people are exposed to various kinds of information through technology, travelers have access to resources and information to fully plan a trip, but planning takes time. Time is limited and adds stress to the process. Time is limited due to busy work lives, family, or for those who might not have the best time management skills.

Ease is a travel kit designed to help families as well as individuals who have busy lives, don’t have time to plan, or don’t know where to start. Travelers can build their own travel kit online. Each kit is customizable to accommodate different destinations, hobbies, and personalities. Once customized and ordered, their kit is mailed to the traveler prior to their trip. This kit will include the necessary essentials to travel—from a customized itinerary to packing lists and even a cultural asset you’ll need to travel smoothly to your destination. Ease is a kit that will provide comfort, ease the tension of travelers, and save time for travelers prior to traveling. Traveling is about relaxing and gaining enriching experiences. Ease makes sure travelers are well prepared for their travels.

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