Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017

Ji Hea Jang
Ji Hea Jang

Classical music is a genre that lacks wide-spread attention in the modern world. This is because the public lacks the accessibility and knowledge of its music. A place such as New York City has high amounts of traffic for tourists and a great number of people per square foot. Therefore, this is a great location to spread visibility for this overlooked genre.

Notes is a series of 10 acrylic panels that feature works by five classical musicians. These panels will be placed throughout the city in locations that correspond with the individual stories behind the songs. In addition, each panel will feature a poem that acts as inspiration to the composers who wrote the music. Through their placements and contents, the panels will tell a story to the viewer, engaging them in their day-to-day activities. The displays will also point the viewer in the general direction of the next installation where another artist and his work is featured. Postcards with the same information and images of the composers will be distributed to spread classical music through a familiar medium.

The project also takes advantage of the social media platform Instagram. A hashtag is advertised on the panels, encouraging individuals to take pictures and share the location. Through this medium, it is possible to share the song’s information, and the viewer’s personal experience with an audience around the world.

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