Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017

Yaël Bienenstock
Clock of Thoughts
Yaël Bienenstock
Clock of Thoughts

We constantly move in space through time. Time is the metric of everything in our existence and is measured in a linear, universal, precise way. How we experience and mark time as humans never really changed. But what if there was a way we could enhance the concept of time? Redefine what a clock means to us? This project explores another measure of time. It explores how it unfolds and affects us on a higher level than just units of seconds, minutes, hours or years.

We have on average fifty thoughts perminute. Thoughts are constantly vanishing, creating other thoughts, eventually leading to ideas. The constant flow of our conscious and unconscious self confirms the process of time and also shows the evolution of us, of our minds. My thesis is the recording of a subject’s thoughts and their translation into a new measure of time. What if a clock could be more aligned with our organic processes like the time passing by with each flipping page of a book, the time we take in every word we write, the time that unveils through our thoughts.

This project is a collaboration between the recorded and the recorder by influencing the thoughts in various ways. The subject’s thoughts are recorded in writings, producing a flow of surrealist words that reproduce the workings of our thoughts and some aspects of our unconscious. Audio and video are also crucial parts in order to feel a connection to the subject’s writings and its emotion.

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