Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017

Ji Hyun Park
Pocket of Sky
Ji Hyun Park
Pocket of Sky

Pocket of Sky is a kit that is designed to help New Yorkers to slow down their fast-paced daily life and connect with nature. It encourages them to go out and create their own intimate moments in places where they can take time to look up at the sky and reflect themselves. Each kit, which represents spring, summer, fall and winter, consists of three parts: an essential item for specific season (a throw blanket for spring or a scarf for winter); a journal for documentation and contemplation; and a set of postcards to share the journey with others. Users are recommended to visit certain locations and perform activities using such prompts that are provided inside the journal to appreciate their surroundings and realize importance of them. Through Pocket of Sky, I believe one can greatly change their way of living and thinking in a peaceful, positive way.

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