Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017

Kyra Wang
Somno Hotels
Kyra Wang
Somno Hotels

According to research, Americans, especially millennials, are sleeping less than ever. Today, traditional social and academic pressures that cause insomnia are being compounded by the emergence of addictive technologies and the glamorization of party lifestyles. As a young design student in New York City, I have personally battled insomnia; whether it’s spending entire nights trying to find inspiration for school projects or keeping up with the fast-paced social scene of the city that never sleeps, I often find myself awake as the sun rises. This struggle initially led me to turn to medications that I thought would solve my problems but only served to create new ones.

Over time, I was fortunate enough to find other answers to my struggle with insomnia, including music, my diet, essential oils, and a more balanced lifestyle. Realizing that other people are still trying to overcome their own struggle with this issue, I was inspired to create a solution that is centered on an alternative physical space from ones home that is holistic in nature yet is not “rehab.”

My hotel is an extension of the urban resort concept that is solely focused on providing guests with an inclusive experience to promote high-quality rest. Located centrally in large urban areas, like New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo and London, this boutique will provide guests with an opportunity to escape their insomnia using only natural remedies, ambiance and design at an accessible rate.




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