Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017

Theresa Duemler
Theresa Duemler

“A book presenting 144 art works, by 15 artists, who were driven or inspired by the impulse to archive and organize visual information. Works are arranged by color on 213 pages.”

Organizing is problematic, since there isn’t an objective vantage point from which to classify content. There is no way to exist outside of the system being sorted. This book draws directly on the impossible desire to concentrate the infinite worlds of knowledge and visual understanding in a single space. Similar to the absurd notion of an Encyclopedia Galactica or a Library of Babel the book will make the bold statement of being complete in itself, ultimately leaving the viewer/reader to ponder the question: What do we stand to gain and what do we stand to lose from any form of categorization?

Megan Dias
Juan Francisco Morales Egas