Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017

Phoebe Kennedy
Lights On
Phoebe Kennedy
Lights On

A problem in today’s society is how we talk about and view sex. Research shows that how we view sex originates from our abstinence-only sex education programs in schools. These programs barely begin to cover the basics. Students are entering adulthood without a proper understanding of sex and sexual intercourse necessary for a healthy sex life. Sex is a part of life—a normal, healthy, and enjoyable part of life— that has been viewed as taboo. We need to teach children and teenagers to talk about sex as a fact, not a dirty secret. This thesis is designed to help teenage girls get comfortable with their bodies, their sexuality, and having healthy conversations about sex.

Lights On is a kit that contains interactive objects and lessons to help girls learn about their bodies, how to protect themselves, and how to have a healthy sex life if they choose to be sexually active. The different topics include anatomy, protection, pleasure, and sexual activity. Using objects such as pillows and game-like cards, important information is transformed into an engaging activity.

By taking these lessons out of a school setting and into their home, girls feel more comfortable interacting with the contents of this kit and discussing their questions about sexual desire. Using these engaging objects is more effective than a classroom lecture. Girls can interact on their own with the content, rather than tune out a teachers voice. Girls will come away from the experience with a healthier view of sex and sexuality and a way to talk about it. In addition, a kit for teenage boys will be developed in the future to address the same topic.

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