Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017

Ameer Akbar
Engraved Memoirs
Ameer Akbar
Engraved Memoirs

The world is heading towards democracy and is slowly becoming a place where Monarchy and Kingdoms are turning into fairy-tale stories. My book is a taste of the past, from the land of Afghanistan. Engraved Memoirs is a book that talks about a monarchy, the memory of which has inspired my art and design.

The Democratic Republic of Afghanistan was once upon a time a kingdom with many powerful Amirs who built a strong nation for the Afghans. After many centuries of sovereignty, Russia brought about the downfall of the House of Mohammadzai—the Afghan Royal House. My book is a tribute to my ancestors and my family’s history. A history so rich that it lives in my heart forever. The stories and photographs of my family have served to keep the past alive for me. This work is inspired by my grandmother’s non-fictional short story titled “Red Death”—a book that deals with the family’s escape during the Soviet Invasion. Though her book talks about a series of harrowing events that took place, whereas my book discusses the life after the escape; a life filled with family traditions, tea times, photographs and good memories.

This book is dedicated to my strong family who have endured so many challenges in orderfor our generation to settle down outside our homeland.

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