Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017

Junlu Xie
Test.Test 2016
Junlu Xie
Test.Test 2016

No matter what kind of design fields, I can see that the trend of the world is more digitized and the traditional industries are facing a new challenge. As a student who gets into many old design making techniques like the printing press and hand-drawing typefaces, I can feel there is a bond between my artificial works and my mind. The bond connects my projects and my ideas in a special way, and I can feel more emotions when I can physically touch my works.

That’s why in my project I want to talk about the relationships between creators and their works. Also, I was inspired by some lines from an old design book that said “The more powerful becomes the alien world of objects which he creates over and against himself, the poorer he himself—his inner world—becomes, the less belongs to him as his own.” I believe there is a difference between a project being printed and only showing digitally. I began to look back into history; there are many significant events that changed how we looked at this world, especially from the industrial revolutions. I visualized those specific moments into icons and printed them in a mechanical way. I am wondering how technology changes the way we see things. This is not the end—it continues.

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