Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017

Thomas Sang Gul Kim
Thomas Sang Gul Kim

There are uncountable kinds of alcohol in the world. Each contains different amounts of alcohol by volume, and each uses different sizes of glasses or cups, so it is hard to measure one’s limit by oneself when he or she has an unfamiliar drink.

Drunkometer is an application that tells you how much of an unfamiliar alcohol you can drink based on your profile, and notes your current Blood Alcohol Concentration and how tipsy are you by tracking your drinking. The limit of your familiar alcohol will be the standard in the beginning; it will change and become more accurate as your data is stacked. It will be able to identify an unknown drink by taking a photo of a bottle or label or searching the name. The wrist accessories that can interact with a phone, such as Apple watch or Samsung Gear, will track your drinking motions and count shots and the amount of drink you have automatically. It can also be counted manually with a cellphone. Drunkometer will notify you when the current Blood Alcohol Concentration reaches 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of your limits. When you go over your limits, the theme color of the app will change into red and send you a warning. There also will be several mini games that can test if you are drunk or not by comparing your current record to the record of sober mode.

Unknown drinks can make people overdrink easily. Overdrinking gives headaches, illness, ugly past and memory, and a possibility of being the victim or target of crime. There is no benefit in overdrinking. Drunkometer will keep you away from harm.

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