Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017

Chewon Kim
Here: About fully live the present
Chewon Kim
Here: About fully live the present

We live in the environment, which makes us constantly take in countless stimuli without contemplation. Therefore, we lose an opportunity to be in serenity and listen to our inner voice. If we slowly take a moment to think about what we perceive with our senses and how they impact our inner state, I believe our everyday experience will be approached to us in a totally different way.

The beginning of my project was started from a single quote: “Mindfulness is about fully living the present.” When I first read this quote, I was caught up by its simplicity and depth. “What does it mean to fully live the present?” and “how can I be awake in every moment and live my life in a mindful way?” These questions are the core inquiries of the project. The meaning of mindfulness seems simple, but it’s not easy to be completely aware of what is going inside and out. In order to make a practice of mindfulness to be part of our everyday life, I started to explore different ways to be mindful in every moment. Every place has its unique atmosphere, and each uniqueness can lead us to be fully awake in the moment.

Here is a biannual publication that explores cities with a mindful perspective. Each issue introduces meditative locations of the selected city. For each location, a unique way of practicing mindfulness is presented. The purpose of this publication is to calmly guide readers to live and experience a mindful life.

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