Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017

Olivia Brodtman
Spoiler Alert
Olivia Brodtman
Spoiler Alert

We are in a Golden Age of Television. The culture surrounding television has only grown since this period started. However, the community aspect of Television has dramatically changed since the internet’s conception. Thanks to the internet, video streaming and on-demand video platforms are as popular as ever. They have given us the ability to watch television anywhere, at any time. While the internet has granted us these pleasures, it has given birth to a minefield of spoilers on social media sites. Because of this, people avoid the community that surrounds their shows.

Spoiler Alert is a solution. This app is a mobile discussion forum only focused on creating community around Television. Spoiler Alert is a controlled forum, only allowing its users to view and add content to discussions about the last episode they have watched. This app is a spoiler free space created for those who respect the art of storytelling in television and the community that yearns for it. Through every season, every episode, every moment, Spoiler Alert is the watcher’s companion.

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