Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017

Zhiyan Huang
Language of Sounds
Zhiyan Huang
Language of Sounds

Language of Sounds is a visual inquiry about human perceptual behavior. People perceiving objects are often dominated by vision, but at the same time, vision also weakens other senses perceiving objects. In my design, I played four different sounds to ten people and let them make the first impression of each voice and describe the association of hearing. After integrating all the information, a dynamic design about
the sound was made.

In addition, the audience can draw their own understanding of the sound in the program. The program includes three functions: “volume analysis,” “pressure analysis” and “speed analysis”. Through the geometric size or distribution density, the audience can see each person’s different understanding of the sound and drawing habits.

The purpose of this design is to build a huge visual information database, so that the audience can feel the sound through the drawing. Its purpose is to pass on a new visual experience of the sound. I hope that through this design people can enjoy the fun that the drawing and sound bring to us without the shackles of the language.

Lauren Horsman
Ji Hea Jang