Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017

Yuchen Liu
Millennial Identity Encyclopedia
Yuchen Liu
Millennial Identity Encyclopedia

Do you have enough words to describe who you are? Shakespeare created the word “swagger” during the Elizabethan age. The democratization of publishing allows all of us to be authors and share our thoughts with the world. In the digital age, we create acronyms, we reinvent old words with new meanings, and we use concepts of technology to describe ourselves in new ways: #foodie, #procrastinating, #instafamous. Our generation started a linguistic journey into the unknown that is creative but might also challenge how we define ourselves.

The Millennial Identity Encyclopedia is for sharing the language we use to describe ourselves as well as other members of our community. The interface is divided into two complementary divisions: The black represents the individual space while the white stands for the community. The platform allows to find our personal identity, along with defining us as a generation with unique cultural content. Highlighting the individual independence in the same time pointing the online social connection, the website generates a unique designed hashtag as a personal icon to represent each user. The Millennial Identity Encyclopedia leads us collecting our core identities and connecting to people who share our values and ideas, within the vocabulary created by ourselves.

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