Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017

Natalia Malik
Finding Pakistan
Natalia Malik
Finding Pakistan

My home country, Pakistan, is located in South Asia and often receives a stereotypically negative response from people around the world. Due to biased media coverage and hyper-generalized statements, the average American perceives Pakistan as a third world nation, rife with poverty and illiteracy, that breeds and exports terrorism. This misperception is problematic because it veils the breathtaking beauty, rich heritage, and culture of Pakistan.

Finding Pakistan follows a series of locations exhibiting various Pakistani visuals, and does so in an easy-to-understand and relatable way. This city-based guidebook travels through New York, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C to break stereotypes by educating viewers about the Pakistani culture currently thriving in U.S cities.These books expose both residents and visitors alike to first-hand Pakistani traditions, allowing them to be immersed in a culture without having to leave their city. Locals and tourists are able to discover the art, food, history and culture of Pakistan all within the cultural and physical confines of their respective cities, while simultaneously allowing a glimpse of what Pakistani locations really look like through Photography.

My goal is to reintroduce this country as a wholesome and beautiful nation. I aim to highlight unseen Pakistani art, to explore the hospitality that is such a valued aspect of the culture, to discuss the importance of open-minded tourism, and to put on display the natural beauty of Pakistan as well as the courage and perseverance of its people.

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