Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017

Andy Agus
Andy Agus

TINT is platform that will connect artists, charities, and donors. Currently, select charities solicit well-known artists to donate art pieces for auction. The artist receives publicity, name recognition, marketing, and potential for future sales. The charity receives money from a donor and the donor receives the art. So, everyone wins. However, this opportunity is usually not available for unknown artists, as charities would not know to approach them, nor would they be confident that any donor would bid on the item. The charities do not typically have expertise in discovering quality art.

TINT is a web-based product that allows artists to showcase their pieces available for donation. Buyers will browse the web displayed pieces and get to choose for themselves which piece or pieces they want. They will then select a charity and donate the price of the piece to the charity via TINT. In this model, the donor still gets the art and the charity still gets the money. However, any artist now has the ability to gain recognition with the charity, disseminate their work, and build a stronger portfolio for future sales. No longer would this win-win art donation opportunity only be available to the already famous.

We believe that there are great artists and wonderful art that never get discovered. TINT is a vehicle to bring great art to more people in a way that also increases charitable giving.

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