Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017

SooJi Lee
SooJi Lee

Colorflakes is a meditation book that heals the mind through color. It is designed to encourage people to clear their minds and simply feel the colors. By feeling rather than thinking, people will find that each shade of color can kindle emotions and provide a cathartic release. Since each color conjures its own unique mood or set of feelings, readers can experience a variety of emotions as they flip through the pages.

The minimalistic design helps this book achieve maximum effect. From afar, the colored pages look blank but a closer look reveals embossed poems. The gently protruding letters create more depth and prompt readers to gaze intensely at the fabric of each color. The poems reinforce the meditative effect as readers draw upon their own past memories or experiences to envision a different setting, far from the stresses of contemporary life.

A series of corollary tablets serve as a primer to help people get in touch with their basic senses before reading the book. The back of each tablet is comprised of a medium whose texture and distinctive features are abstractly linked to a particular color and poem. Only when people concentrate on truly feeling the colors can they decipher the connection to the medium, and begin to realize how effectively meditating with colors can declutter the mind and soothe the soul.




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