Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017

Brianna Saba
The Garage
Brianna Saba
The Garage

In an increasingly digital world the knowledge of experience that comes out of manual labor is no longer considered a necessity. There is a lament for the loss of intelligence of physical things and our interactions that surround them.

Since the 1980s cities located within the rust belt, a region of the United States spanning the upper mid-west to the great lakes, have faced major population decline, decreased job opportunities, and economic strife. Left over from the once prosperous mechanical age are abandoned garages, gas stations, and factories—wide-open spaces typically prone to decay or neglect.

The Garage is an outreach project aiming to restore these vacant spaces and reestablish them as functional garages. By designing a set of guidelines, which act as instructions for people to set up their own Garage, it gives structure to the project while allowing the local community to determine how to go forth. The identity system is adaptable and built to increase user comprehension, allowing for quick and easy reproduction. Necessary materials to run a garage are both practical and cheap (spray paint, grid paper, and laminated stencils) making it a feasible project for a wide audience. Each manual is printed in a durable metal binder, where each garage has the ability to customize it based on their needs. It is important for the needs and interests of local garage members to determine the types of workshops, events, and trades practiced at the space. The Garage is a space of growth, education, and community.

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