Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017

Mariana Del Nogal
Mariana Del Nogal

Society has taught us that the only way to obtain quality services is through the use of money. However, this is an outdated lesson that has no place in our modern and dynamic society. We’ve learned that there are more valuable things than money such as time, personal passions and helping others. Nowadays millennials place less emphasis on owning and more on sharing, bartering and trading to access needed goods asserts Jilian Mincer from Business Insider.

SWOP is an innovative service-based brand that promotes a money free exchange. In our digital marketplace, time can be used in place of money to obtain needed services. In 3 simple steps, our users can find, trade and rate skills with others, and use their time as a form of payment.

At SWOP we believe that everyone has value and is an expert in what they love to do. We foster the sense of community and offer a new lifestyle to skillful individuals that are open-minded and resourceful. Users who become part of the SWOP community have more time to practice something they love, while getting rewarded to do so and saving money in the process. We’re a human-centered platform that strives to revamp the art of bartering.

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