Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017

Urvita Jhaveri
From Mumbai to Bombay
Urvita Jhaveri
From Mumbai to Bombay

Every city has its own identity where every person has their own opinion. I have written and designed a book that is a unique guide to Bombay (Mumbai city). This book consists of a select few of my short stories based on memories of me growing up in Bombay interlinked to common “Bombay things.” Being born and brought up in Bombay allowed me to see the city in its truest form. The title From Mumbai to Bombay pushes my idea further of viewing Bombay through the eyes of an insider. Since tourists and visitors refer to the city as Mumbai, but rarely would you hear a local refer it to as anything other than Bombay.

Since this book is purely from a subjective perspective it shows how identity differs from person to person and place to place. This book will give you a clearer understanding of what it feels like to be a Bombay local. Mumbai is a name but Bombay is a feeling. This book offers an authentic view of the mesmerising city through the eyes of a local, instead of the commercial information tourist guide books overwhelm you with. Besides the language and vocabulary, there are a lot of different elements that make up a city. My thesis explores those idiosyncrasies and unique aspects of Bombay that make it what it is.

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