Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017

Meijun Li
The Pieces of Time
Meijun Li
The Pieces of Time

With countless tasks, agendas, and chores to do in a finite amount of time, efficiency is the most important aspect of time management. I created a practical planner with a focus on satisfaction and motivation. The goal is to intensify the feeling of satisfaction and to focus on the ceremonial factor of crossing something off your agenda whenever an user finishes a task they set out on doing by granting him/her the fulfillment of tearing, breaking, or burning the planner.

Tearing memo comes with a square sheet planner that outlines different time lengths with different shapes. The idea is for an user to write down a to-do list that takes place in a specific amount of time and allocating them to different slots. When the user finishes a task, he/she can go ahead and tear the part off the main body and move on to the next step. The breaking memo features a planner made out of wood; tasks are written on each wood plank and are subsequently broken off one after one when it is completed. The burning memo features a paper match. The idea is to light a task a user has completed on fire. The task should be something achievable but challenging.

With an emphasis on the end goal, it helps users become more focused on completion rather than procrastination. Another way this planner helps with completion of tasks is that it helps the user organize the hierarchical structure of a particular schedule.






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