Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017

Aimee Hedman
Beyond the Bullets
Aimee Hedman
Beyond the Bullets

This thesis is an experiment in communication. If anything it has only left me with more questions than answers. However, it has helped me to recognize the level of trauma left behind from growing up with racism in our country. I wanted to create a way to bring up the topics that involve cases of police brutality while providing a neutral way of discussing them. The goal was to provide as much data as possible to prevent bias. There are three sides to every story. This project will hopefully bring back some humanity to the lives that have been taken or were involved. My only goal was to make this topic as approachable as possible. People die every day from the police, and it makes you wonder, what is going on? Why are there so many? Why are people so angry about these deaths, what am I missing? Why aren’t more people asking questions? This poster series is an attempt to shed light on what is almost a taboo conversation. Honestly, part of me still doesn’t know what this means, or if this will mean anything to anyone. This is an attempt to create a safe space conducive towards talking about difficult questions, regardless of people’s background.





Jin Ju Han
See, Touch, Understand
Perla Herrera