Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017

Audrey Farnsworth
Audrey Farnsworth

In this digital age, the space between humans and technology has become dangerously small. We can send texts and upload content in seconds. At the rate technology is progressing, soon it won’t take seconds, instead it will just be. The concept of loading will have become extinct, and we will have no divide between us and technology. We will find ourselves overwhelmed. As humans, we must be aware of our responsibility we have to save the loading page in order to keep what it means to be “human.”

The Loading Project is a platform that utilizes the concept of the loading page to discuss the importance of the divide between humans and technology. The platform lives in both the physical world and online. The physical component is the sticker campaign, where loading page graphics are made into stickers and placed in moments in life where we have to wait, reminding us how essential and present loading is to life. The online component is the website where people are invited to challenge themselves to see how long they can watch a series of loading pages. By bringing awareness to a person’s patience and relationship with technology, there is opportunity to gain a new perspective and understanding when it comes to the loading page. The Loading Project brings attention to the crucial realization that the loading page is what keeps us, humans, from being completely consumed by technology. By changing our perspectives and desires of technology, we can keep control over it.

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