Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017

Hyeree Choi
Hyeree Choi

Modern society lives under lots of stress. Some people sleep to get rid of stress; others eat delicious food, exercise and relieve stress through new experiences. However, modern people are not able to have such a time in a busy life. Thus, I made a small margin to let go of stress within 10 minutes of a short teatime.

Nowadays, emotional healing through play comes intimately. Meaning, emotional healing restores the emotional power and heals the mind and restores life. If you go to a bookstore, there are coloring books or origami for adults that help them forget worries of reality through simple play that help thoughts in a positive direction. In other words, when an incident is encountered, a negative accident is restored through this small time; when it comes back to the problem again, it helps to rethink the problem with more positive thinking and to cope with the stress from the fundamental problem.

Each tea bag contains different emotions that empathize with people and aim to heal the mind through small play such as coloring, origami or drawing. Also, each herbal tea also helps to find peace of mind mentally and physically through its beneficial ingredients. By choosing these stress-relieving methods, you can create a stress package for your self and find out how to solve stresses that are appropriate for your own rhythm and style and help you manage your mind more easily.





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