Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017

Myesha Evon Gardner
The Hairspace Project
Myesha Evon Gardner
The Hairspace Project

Most women share an extensive relationship with their hair. It creates experiences, forms relationships, start conversations, and it is used as a source of social exchange. Hair is one of the most talked about subjects amongst black woman and as a result, it becomes a physical manifestation of self-identity. Hair is a freedom of expression that gives women the power and control to define their own beauty.

How can a black woman’s hair be expressed within a digital space? Shifting the conversation away from the one-style-fits-all mantra, The Hairspace Project is a digital space for the progressive discussion and documentation of black hair and women. Through curation and collaboration is a platform for artworks, reflections, interviews and thoughts on why hair is such an important part of a black woman’s appearance from their point of view. The idea is beyond the follicles that grow from one’s scalp; it tells a story that has a journey which is certainly worth sharing.

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